The Radboud Center for Iron Disorders receives samples and referrals of patients from all over the world for diagnostic advice and analysis of iron disorders. We offer biochemical, genetic analysis of blood and DNA samples and MRI to assess iron overload in tissues. Our biochemical analysis for patient care includes both conventional as well as novel iron biomarkers among which is hepcidin-25 measurement by mass spectrometry. For standard translational research we offer hepcidin quantification by ELISA and measurement of Non-Transferrin Bound Iron (NTBI) and Labile Plasma Iron (LPI), and oxidative stress.


Dorine Swinkels
Dorine Swinkels Clinical chemist
Coby Laarakkers
Coby Laarakkers Hepcidin Technician
Erwin Wiegerinck
Erwin Wiegerinck Hepcidin Technician
Siem Klaver
Siem Klaver Hepcidin Technician
Rian Roelofs
Rian Roelofs Hepcidin Technician
Bert van den Heuvel
Bert van den Heuvel Clinical biochemical geneticist
Edwin van Kaauwen
Edwin van Kaauwen DNA Technician
Roel Smeets
Roel Smeets DNA Technician
Inge Konijnenberg-Kramer
Inge Konijnenberg-Kramer DNA Technician
Richard Huijbens
Richard Huijbens DNA Technician
Maaike Brink
Maaike Brink DNA Technician
Marjan Kersten
Marjan Kersten DNA Technician
Marieke van Mullem
Marieke van Mullem DNA Technician
Karen Vrolijk
Karen Vrolijk DNA Technician
Miranda Snoeren
Miranda Snoeren Radiologist