There are two main international organisations that organize meetings for biomedical scientists and physicians which consist of social gatherings and a mixture of scientific presentations, discussions on iron related scientific topics.
The European Iron Club (EIC) generally hosts meetings on an annual basis. Exceptions are those years when the International BioIron Society holds a congress in a European location; at such BioIron meetings, the EIC stages a cocktail party. Read more at the website of the EIC.


The Bio-Iron meetings take places  every 2 years, in Europe, the US and elsewhere on an alternate basis. Read more at the website of the Bio-Iron Society.


At the European Iron Club (EIC) in Innsbruck and the  yearly meeting of the Dutch internists, the so called “internistendagen” in Maastricht,  Dr. Alexander Rennings and Prof. Dorine Swinkels from the  Radboudumc Expertise Center for Iron Disorders presented educational talks that included information how to diagnose iron disorders using serum iron parameters. At the end of these presentations  they included a mini- exam. This exam and its answers can be found here.


There are no events.