Clinical Guidelines Hemochromatosis

The Radboudumc Expertise Center for Iron disorders in collaboration with medical specialist from various hospitals in the Netherlands has developed clinical guidelines for the management of hereditary hemochromatosis and anemias due to disorders of iron metabolism.
The guideline for hereditary hemochromatosis was published in Dutch in 2007 (summary-Dutch; full guideline-Dutch) and summarized in English in a publication in the Netherlands Journal of Medicine in 2007 (publication-English).


The development of these guidelines was initiated by the Netherlands Association of Internal Medicine (NIV), the Netherlands Society of Clinical Chemistry and the Laboratory Medicine (NVKC) and Laboratory Diagnostic Practitioners Association (VAL). The guidelines were developed within the framework of the EBRO (Evidence Based Guideline Development) Programme of the Order of Medical Specialists in association with the Dutch Society for Gastroenterology (MDL), Dutch College of General Practitioners (NHG), Dutch Blood TransfusionSociety (NVB), Dutch Society for Haematology (NVvH),Dutch Society for Pathology (NVVP), Dutch Society for Radiology (NVvR), Dutch Society for Reumatology (NVvR), Dutch Society for Clinical Genetics (VKGN) and the Haemochromatosis Society the Netherlands (HVN). Support was provided by the Committee for Guideline Development of the Netherlands Association of Internal Medicine and the Dutch Institute for Healthcare Quality CBO. The working group was chaired by Prof. Dr. Dorine W. Swinkels (Radboudumc).
In 2015 the Netherlands Association of Internal Medicine (NIV) initiated the development of a revision of the guidelines funded by the Quality Foundation Funds Medical Specialists of The Netherlands Association of Medical Specialists. This working group is chaired by Dr. Alexander Rennings (internist of the Radboudumc).