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About Radboudumc Center for Iron Disorders

The Radboudumc Center for Iron Disorders (RCID) is a full facility (inter)national expertise center for clinical care, diagnostics and research of patients suspected for or with established iron disorders.


Our Center aims to have a significant impact on patients with iron disorders. To this end, we offer top end clinical care to both adult and children with hereditary hemochromatosis and anemia due to defects in iron metabolism or heem synthesis, and develop clinical guidelines for these disorders.

Our team of researchers focuses on the understanding of iron metabolism, in particular the identification and characterization of novel factors that affect dysregulation of iron homeostasis in various human disorders. New findings are translated into novel diagnostic assays and therapeutic strategies that can be implemented in the clinic.

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Recent publications

Sustained plasma hepcidin suppression and iron elevation by Anticalin-derived hepcidin antagonist in cynomolgus monkey Hohlbaum AM, Gille H, Trentmann S, Kolodziejczyk M, Rattenstetter B, Laarakkers CM, Katzmann G, Christian HJ, Andersen N, Allersdorfer A, Olwill SA, Meibohm B, Audoly LP, Swinkels DW, van Swelm RPL. Br J Pharmacol 2018;175(7):1054-1065.
Labile plasma iron levels predict survival in patients with lower-risk myelodysplastic syndromes de Swart, Reiniers, Bagguley, van Marrewijk, Bowen, Hellström-Lindberg, Tatic, Symeonidis, Huls, Cermak, van de Loosdrecht, Garelius, Culligan, Macheta, Spanoudakis, Panagiotidis, Krejci, Blijlevens, Langemeijer, Droste, Swinkels, Smith, de Witte, EUMDS
Endogenous hepcidin synthesis protects the distal nephron against hemin and hemoglobin mediated necroptosis van Swelm RPL, Vos M, Verhoeven F, Thévenod F, Swinkels DW. Cell Death Dis 2018;9(5):550.
Hepcidin in the diagnosis of iron disorders Girelli D, Nemeth E, Swinkels DW. Blood 2016;127(23):2809-13.
Renal Handling of Circulating and Renal-Synthesized Hepcidin and Its Protective Effects against Hemoglobin-Mediated Kidney Injury van Swelm RP, Wetzels JF, Verweij VG, Laarakkers CM, Pertijs JC, van der Wijst J, Thévenod F, Masereeuw R, Swinkels DW. J Am Soc Nephrol 2016;27(9):2720-32
Microbial Metabolism Shifts Towards an Adverse Profile with Supplementary Iron in the TIM-2 In vitro Model of the Human Colon Kortman GA, Dutilh BE, Maathuis AJ, Engelke UF, Boekhorst J, Keegan KP, Nielsen FG, Betley J, Weir JC, Kingsbury Z, Kluijtmans LA, Swinkels DW, Venema K, Tjalsma H. Front Microbiol. 2016;6:1481.

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